Matthieu Blazy commissioned Gaetano Pesce for Bottega Veneta to provide the wardrobe for every occasion Photo: Filippo Fior /

Photo: Filippo Fior /

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Matthieu Blazy commissioned the iconic architect, urban planner, interior designer and industrial designer, Gaetano Pesce. Pesce’s career spans four decades. When Blazy was in New York he visited Gaetano and they talked a lot about diversity. Each working on their side they did a juxtaposition. The idea being ‘the world in a small room.’ A bit of storytelling took place with representing different characters and putting them in Gaetano’s landscape which included a site-specific set with colorful, swirling poured resin floor and 400 unique chairs.

Blazy is equally expert at men’s as he is with women’s. His intention with this collection is to provide the wardrobe for his clients for every occasion. He is not designing for the red carpet although for sure some of the looks will end up there. He makes leather look like denim, flannel and cotton tees. Kate Moss wore a flannel shirt. He calls his casual looks perverse banality.

His finale dresses took their color from Gaetano’s work using a technique that where you weave the fringe into the textile, all are knitted by hand. The unique 400 chairs will be sold at Design Miami, the price…somewhere in the five figures.

Personally it gives me so much pleasure to have watched Matthieu Blazy from La Cambre days to here. Bravo, you can hear the cash registers ringing.




Diane Pernet

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