A visit to the private art collection of Kering and to the archives of Balenciaga which will be open to the general public September 17 & 18th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Kering and walk through the Court of Honour, the Chapel, visit the exhibition of the artist Edith Dekyndt. Before there was the Foundation Pinault, this was where the private art collection was stored. Once you pass through the Aria of Inertia exhibition you enter the Showroom Balenciaga where you will find the Balenciaga Exhibition, Des robes, au-dela du. temps. This is where you see the creations of Cristobal Balenciaga that have never been shown before. What you are witness to is the effects of the passage of time on the garments as well as being privy to the actual construction of some of the pieces. You can also watch the pieces be restored, the artisan uses a round needle so that the repair is invisible using a silk thread that has been meticulously dyed to match the original garment. One piece in the act of restoration is a dress with the most poetic flowers scattered across the dress. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and observe the process of restoration.


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