Marine Serre and Vuarnet release the second drop of Visionizer

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Marine Serre and Vuarnet’s  Visionizer is made out of natural, biodegradable, and recycled materials. They are manufactured at Vuarnet in France.  Both French independent labels share a radical environmental engagement and are committed to preserve artisanal knowhow and craftsmanship. The Visionizer eyewear collection have light yet resistant frames in Bio Nylon are mainly made from castor seeds and the lens from 100% natural and recyclable sand from near Paris All the components and packaging have been carefully chosen to create a sustainable and desirable offer embodying the values and vision of MARINE SERRE and VUARNET.

The lens of the black and brown models are equipped with VUARNET’s Lynx™️ technology, which ensure the best protection from sunlight directed to the sensitive upper part of the eyes, and from light reflection on the lower part. Additionally this technology provides an exceptional clear vision thanks to the bi-layered mirror treatment. The red mirrored lenses featured in the white frame model are designed to drastically reduce light glare.

Available in 3 colourways, all Visionizer lenses are scratch-resistant and ultra-solid.

The MARINE SERRE’s Visionizer made by VUARNET collection is available from Thursday 28th of July at,, and selected stores.


From the outset, Marine Serre’s critically acclaimed collections garnered a cult following. A radically independent brand has emerged with a hybrid mixture of classic French couture shapes, sportswear references and fabrics. The House pioneers the production of new garments based on end-of-life materials, a practice Serre labels as Regenerated, and that has been fundamental to her ethos since her debut collection in 2016.The Regeneration practice marks a revolutionary commitment to circularity in the fashion industry’s global network that encompasses the sourcing of fabrics, production, and the design process as a whole. The sevalues are melded with a combination of cultural and epochal references, that experiment with the idea of inventing new cultures – a new mode, a new way of living.



VUARNET the iconic French eyewear and mountaineering brand founded by Jean VUARNET in 1957. A pioneer and innovator, Jean VUARNET was a French alpine ski racer who won the Olympic gold medal at Squaw Valley, California in 1960. He professed his love of mountains and nature and created the car-free French ski resort Avoriaz with a bold vision for sustainability in 1966. VUARNET produces its lenses in France, using traditional techniques and qualities of functional mountain frames. The VUARNET mineral lenses are 100% natural and recyclable, a rarity in eyewear. Since its creation, the brand has supported its community with innovative lenses and iconic frames designed for sports and leisure. The Lynx™️ Technology, which offers the best protection from sunlight is a VUARNET creation and trademark. Today, VUARNET is experiencing a relaunch cherishing its 1960s daring and stylish French ski roots, the nostalgy of artisanal craftsmanship and the warm way of life.



Diane Pernet

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