Is crypto suffering from a lack of women in senior positions within web3 projects with Fabricant?

CryptoSlate caught up with the Nirmala Shome, Head of Community for the NFT fashion platform Fabricant to discuss NFTs, fashion, and the role of women in web3. There is a clear lack of female talent at the foundation of web3 innovation and we discuss why this is, the effect it is having on innovation, and how the industry can improve the situation.

One way the industry is fighting back against the imbalance is through projects such as The Fabricant Studio. 

The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW) have joined forces to make Web3 more fashionable and diverse with a 27-piece digital fashion collection inspired by the women characters in the WoW NFT artworks. 

The Fabricant project has also created a Crypto Purse to attempt to break from the term “crypto wallet” and allow more options for crypto investors.

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