Arturo Obergo SS’23 Presentation – A Spaniard’s Love Letter to his Endangered Hometown | Words by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

We journey through sea, on land and in the throes of mythology and famous art from the likes of Man Ray and Magritte. The twist here being the gold spray paint on the model’s fingers—elaborating on Arturo’s message of greed and gold mines putting his hometown of Tapia de Casariego, in Asturias, located in the Northern part of Spain, at risk. 

The models wear clothes that embody the mythological creatures who fight against the the greed of gold and the avarice of men. This is highlighted by the poetic sounds of “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil, 1984. The lighting added a complimenting ethereal glow to the clothes as they glided through the light. Hands were held, emotions were shared in looks embellished with pearls. If you could imagine the fabric drenched and see Man Ray’s “Venus torso” you know it would ask more than Madame Grès and have us all ask, “What would Arturo Obergo’s fantastical creatures do?”

Merci beaucoup for your vision and for having me!

Nafiseh Soolari

Nafiseh Soolari is a creative consultant, writer and photographer— "I love translating the beauty I see in all the moments around me, people, places, things; and I aspire to share my vision: to create a single moment for me and you to connect and realize what this amazing world has to offer..."