Perfume news from Dries Van Noten – two new Eaux de Toilette, Orange Smoke and Sur Ma Peau have joined the ever expanding world of DVN Beauty

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The ever expanding Beauty Collection of Dries Van Noten just announced two new Eaux de Toilette to join their already captivating proposals. The two genderless Eaux de Toilette are created from 89% naturally derived ingredients. Orange Smoke is a mysterious blending of orange blossom and incense with energising citrus notes of mandarin and neroli.  Orange Smoke comes in a generous 200ml refillable and recyclable glass bottle. Its

 dégradé colour effect, progressing from translucent rose to citrine, reflects the dual character of the fragrance: an unexpected encounter between citric vibrance and the sinuous curl of incense smoke.

“Bright, yet mysterious” Dries Van Noten

“When the sky touches the earth: the pureness of an orange flower with the mineral facet of incense. I chose to play with the chiaroscuro – light and shade – quality of incense, combining its fresh mineral nature with the luminous sweetness of orange blossom.” Annick Menardo, perfumer

Sur Ma Peau blends vanilla with a burst of bergamot again available in a 200 ml refillable and recyclable glass bottle.

“Delicate and sensual, perfectly elegant” Dries Van Noten

“I wanted a big contrast between two strong sensations: bursting freshness versus pure, sensual addiction.
In Sur Ma Peau, the fresh facet of vanilla meets the sensual texture of tonka under a burst of citrus. Bergamot, full of zest, with a tear of benzoin, a precious resin sourced responsibly in the mountains of Laos, play against one another: as benzoin melts on the skin, it’s illuminated by the extreme backlight of citrus.” Quentin Bisch, perfumer

Ever since the Spanish luxury group Puig acquired the majority shares of Dries Van Noten the world of DVN beauty and perfumes has been expanding.  Dries Van Noten, remains Chief Creative Officer and chairman of Dries Van Noten. If you are reading this you know how much ASVOF loves  the brand. Dries Van Noten perfumes, like his fashion, are timeless, always elegant, sensual and created with a heart full of emotion and poetry that cannot help but transport you to a beautiful place in space and time.



Diane Pernet

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