José Levy in collaboration with Leblon Delienne at PAD with his 5 big Kokeshi sculptures

Dear Shaded Viewers,

José Levy is a multi-disciplinary artist, he’s created fashion, furniture, ceramics and sculptures. The Kokeshi project with Leblon Delienne came about because of  José’s strong passion for collecting the wooden Kokeshi dolls. The periods that interest him the most are the wooden dolls created from the 30’s through to the 70’s. Levy’s strong passion for Japan started long ago, dating back to his grandfather as well as his first introduction to Japan with his fashion collection. He also did a residence in Japan and clearly his love for the culture continues.

The sculptures come in different sizes and in a limited edition of 8 each. Along with the physical sculptures he decided to add some NFT’s. A new field to experiment in after making the Kokeshi as NFT’s he also made them transfer into hologram, when you buy it you have the choice among 46 NFT’s. 

KOKESHI TARA CLOUDY SKY is a unique NFT part of the KOKESHI Collection by Artist José Levy for Leblon Delienne.



Diane Pernet

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