Germanier and his lava foam, embroidered bugs and burning waves at Maison Baccarat for F/W 2022/23

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Germanier did his first show in Paris with models walking through a narrow passage between the chairs and the display cases at Maison Baccarat. Charlie Le Mindu did the hair which was of course, great, UGG gave Germanier carte blanche to reinterpret their iconic footwear. Anna Trevelyan advised Germanier on the creations and for the 8th season in a row Swarovski supplied the crystals into a selection of the pieces. Insects and burning waves were the theme, sequined skin, acid colours and cabochon masks and jeweled bags accessorised the collection. The collection is built around recycling and making something new out of something old. Germanier likes to think that he can transform oblivion into desire, waste into love, debris into promise. How does that saying go, “trash or treasure” one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” or it goes something like that. The collection was warmly received.




Diane Pernet

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