The Situationist – Georgian Brand showing for the 3rd time in Paris at 35/37

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was introduced to the brand 5 years ago in Art Georgia. This is the 3rd time that The Situationist has presented in Paris. This was their smallest collection to date with zero waste production and presenting handmade garments, everything was done as eco friendly as possible. Concentration is on their craft with Georgian cultural heritage integrated into the garments. This is the first time that they introduced denim and for the first time they introduced new shapes and textures with dead-stock and reusable materials. Take the time to listen to the founders of the brand take you through the collection in the video link above.

“It was extremely challenging to work on this collection, due to health of our employees, financial and political instabilities at home and around our fellow neighbours. We support and believe in a world without war. We stay hopeful that next time will be a glorious and positive time for everyone. Especially smaller nations who stay resistant and brave.” The Situationist




Diane Pernet

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