Fabled horror beauties at Simone Rocha LFW FW 22/23 – text by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Through the Irish horror fable of Children of the Lir, Simone Rocha took pretty punk to the next level. With oversized biker jackets – one with splashes of blood red patent leather – through to bejeweled balaclavas, blood like crystals placed across the chest of a sheer dress, endless ruffles, voluminous coats – some resembling quilts around the shoulders – and big skirts, the story was brought to life. I particularly loved the crystal & pearl embellished gloves and thigh high socks as well as the rich indigo velvets. As someone who has always enjoyed Simone Rocha’s clothing from afar – as I have been afraid of the added volume to my small statue – her use of transparency within voluminous pieces has made me want to join the gang.





Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.