Watch ArtEZ’s Collectie Arnhem 2022: TOOK IT ANYWAY!

‘A collection that represents us as a generation of young and fresh individuals longing for that forbidden element of life.
The red thread in our collection is the tension between forbidden desires and having to conform to rules. Shoplifting, in particular, is a recurring theme that symbolizes this concept. A chess game between sexuality, escapism, and societal pressure, it forms the basis for a collection with a lively and contrasting image– fully developed in black and white!

Surprising silhouettes and small hints of tomfoolery related to shoplifting dominate the collection and create an experience that remains vividly at the forefront of your mind. Drawing inspiration from shoplifting techniques, it all comes down to the shapes of the looks. Big bellies, glued on t- shirts, and layered garments. Basic materials, mostly cotton and wool, are used, but we also decided as a group that we do not do ‘basic’. Therefore, we also played with silver foils, gloss, matte and satin finishes, which adds a rich playfulness to our palette of materials, along with a strong set of prints that pop up throughout the lineup of the collection.

In collaboration with Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck we created a film to highlight our vision and collection. We took an abandoned supermarket and made it our own.’

– #CollectieArnhem2022

COLLECTIE ARNHEM@collectiearnhem

Video © Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck


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