Pressiat – Glitter Wanderer photos by Valentin Fabre

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In the second collection of Pressiat the body breaks out of the last season’s confinement. Wanderer is a hymn to gypsy cultures merged with glam-rock of the 70’s. The collection  is released around the same time as Todd Haynes documentary Velvet Underground. The impact of the Velvet Underground ended in the early 70’s and what we think of as Glam-Rock  flourished from the early to mid-70’s. The designer Vincent Garnier Pressiat graduated from IFM and refined his craft while working with John Galliano, Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent and Balmain and finally launched his own brand during Paris Fashion week AW21.

Silhouettes are light and aggressive and his reinterpretation of Glam-rock and a Gypsy universe, not the one we often encounter on the streets of Paris but rather a more joyful one with a 70’s attitude.

For the accessories he worked in collaboration with MILARIBARKER who did the chains that were applied on hats and shoes. The inlays and jewelry bring off the ‘Glitter Wanderer’ mood.

Fake leather, masks, sequins and prints were created in collaboration with the visual artist Nikkria.

“Be yourself, dance with a star” the phrase reminds me of my friend Dita Von Teese who is currently performing in “Dancing with the stars.”




Diane Pernet

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