LAND FULL- Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire till September 19th at 35/37 PARIS

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night I went to 35/37 Paris’ new hot spot and it is not even officially open. For that you have to wait until 2022. Below is an interview with the first installation I experienced by Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire and Claire Boreau from Nue-Paris. A conscious view of what is currently our apocalyptic landscape with plastic bottles, snails and dead bees around scarecrows dressed in deadstocks of London based designer Renli Su.



Land Full is an installation that aims to raise awareness on recycling and upcycling by opening a dialogue between plants, discarded plastics and fashion clothings within an alarming contemporary landscape. The decor seems apocalyptic, nevertheless this garden Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire and Claire Boreau from Nue-Paris have imagined, illustrates the potential of the human family with regard to climatic issues. Like an ode to resilience, the basis of this garden is made from plastic bottles they collected from the streets of Paris. On these bottles, a new nature emerges around anthropomorphic figures, sort of scarecrows made from the deadstocks of Londonbased designer Renli Su. The humankind seems to have disappeared from this setting where only these forms remain. Unless the viewer, walking through this environment, would be its main character, and this garden the invitation to what is possible through human interaction and cooperation. Whether it is by actively participating in the civic plastic waste collection, collaborating with Nue Paris for the garden or with Renli Su for the creation of the scarecrows, Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire presents cooperation as a force and leads the public to rethink their commitment to protect the environment.

why ? This new cultural and creative center by Adrian Joffe, founder of Dover Street Market, wishes to establish itself as a space for exchange between communities and for the organization of events. More than a place of culture, it is a place of experiences that transforms, transmutes and pushes forward expressive artistic forms by creating a sense of community Biography Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire: Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire is part of a new generation of visual artists that explores the future of fashion, culture and art in a way that promotes social change. Artist and stylist based in Paris, he uses clothing, sculpture and installation art as a tool of expression to convey awareness on the climate emergency. Early in his career, Pierre-Alexandre focused on understanding how to integrate natural and artificial elements into the silhouette, creating an honest narrative of his own. Sourcing for vintage and antiques, alongside creating one-off handmade pieces, has also helped to enhance the voice of each one of the characters that he brings to life in his highly narrative projects. Soon after committing to his styling career full time, the British Fashion Council selected Pierre-Alexandre as one of the New Wave Creatives to watch that year. Pierre-Alexandre challenges the body and its limit through styling and a narrative of his own, in order to show the historical truth of people within their natural habitat, highlighting their strong individualities.

Why Nue Paris ? Claire Boreau and Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire have a mutual fascination with their respective work, due to the importance given to symbol, history and mystique. They both have a strong link with craftsmanship, and a respect for tools, traditions and rites. They share a range of authentique emotions from naivety, strangeness to joy and humour, and both expresss these complex links to life in their work.

Why Renli Su ? Renli Su and Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire value innovative methods of material manipulation to create crafted silhouettes. They both share a love for craftsman’s techniques and a love of story telling.

Biography Nue Paris : Nue is a floral workshop founded by Claire Boreau. Coming from a family of three generations of artisan butchers passionate about art and poetry, Claire grew up in traditional craftsmanship and undertook studies in management of the art market and decided to also undertake the youth training florist diploma. She created Nue in 2016 and moved to her grandfather’s former painting studio. The studio, in the heart of the family garden, is a real laboratory in which she undertakes plant experiments with photographers, culinary artists, ceramists, designers … Her projects are the fruit of collaborations marked by her enthusiasm for establishing a dialogue between people, styles and practices. Since 2017, she has been represented by Agence Saint Germain for her work in editorial and advertising. The use of flowers as a medium of expression is for Claire an extraordinary way to break free from traditional floral craftsmanship and to experiment with a new approach to the craft through artistic collaborations.

Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.