A swimming pool in the city inspired collection by MansourMartin at Sphere – PFW Palais de Tokyo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had a nice chat today at Sphere, the PFW showroom for emerging talents, with Mansour, one half of Mansour Martin brand. Click the videos above and he will talk you through his sustainable collection inspired by swimming pools in the city.


Embroideries Atelier Collaboration with Ibaba, an Embroidery Workshop based in Rutongo, Rwanda. The IBABA project is all about women. A project promoting and supporting initiative and economic development for the empowerment of rural women in Rwanda. Discover the Atelier here: @ibaba_rwanda


Inès Alpha is a 3D virtual make-up artist based in Paris. She is known and famous for her surreal virtual masks. She likes to create enchanted and fantastic versions of reality. She started experiencing with 3D while working as an art director in advertising, specialised in beauty and luxury. Her main body of work consists in the “3D makeup” series, where she pushes further the boundaries of makeup and beauty using 3D softwares and augmented reality. She tries to fantasise what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like. She has created a print built with her 3D virtual masks elements which represents an aquatic fantastic world. Discover her work on Instagram: @ines.alpha

Created in Paris in 2019, Mansour Martin takes its name from the two Belgian designers & founders: Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard. Their friendship started over 10 years ago and today they combine their respective experiences and complementary savoir-faire to create a designer brand, offering a sustainable, genderless menswear wardrobe for all identities with no boundaries.

Mansour Martin is built on the principles of respect, humility and multicultural explorations. Passionate about architecture, pop culture, design and urban life evolution, they create a sophisticated and whimsical universe. Masculine clothes for a curious, epicurean and dreamer man, also designed to appeal to women.

Animated by multidisciplinary arts, they invite and collaborate each season with different artists.

The creative duo shares a common passion and a commitment for a conscious, sustainable and respectful fashion. All clothes are exclusively produced in France, Belgium and Portugal and 75% are fully sustainable (organic cotton & wool, natural dye, recycled fabric and innovative waterless production processes). They are working towards being 100% sustainable in the upcoming collections.

Mansour graduated from both La Cambre in Brussels and the IFM, Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. He worked as a stylist for major fashion brands, while developing personal projects, creating theatre and dance costumes. He currently lives in Brussels.

Martin was introduced to sewing at the early age of four by his grandmother, a sewing teacher. He graduated in Fashion and Design Management from the University in Paris. He has worked in Marketing, Communication and Creative Project Management for major fashion, entertainment and perfume brands. He lives in Paris. Today, they combine their respective knowledge as an artistic duo through the project Mansour Martin.

The environmental and social responsibilities are an integral component of the brand. Their desire and mission is to create responsible clothing, using sustainable and innovative fabrics, limiting their carbon footprint whilst respecting ethical practices and preserving craftsmanship. They  create with natural fabrics sourced in Europe and Japan. They also use recycled, up-cycled, organic fabrics, and eco-print solutions.



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