THE NORTH FACE X GUCCI Collab. text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda

Gucci just unveiled a new campaign and collaboration with The North Face. It is a really smart move from both brands since they are both in the scope of mild and hardcore fashion lovers, yet the two  brands stand for very different messages. It is a power move, a fashion monster.

Gucci is all about luxury and excitement which you see reflected in the re-imagined pieces designed for The North Face. The very characteristic opulence of Milan is translated as prints that decorate some of the pieces. The down jackets with all over prints are particularly exciting. The video Campaign is also aligned with the Gucci aesthetics and style of making pictures and films. Last but not least the styling, spelled G.U.C.C.I.

The North Face reminds of the youth, teenagers all over the world carrying around the very signature logo of The North Face with a charm of innocence and nostalgia. It is all about this youth’s energy nowadays, about investing in the future, after all The North Face is also a premium brand, recognised for the quality of their products, items you can save forever and hand down to your kids, the next youth. In 2050 some lucky teenagers might inherit a Gucci x The North Face.



Campaign Credits:

Design Director : Alessandro Michele

Art Director : Christopher Simmonds

Director/DP : Daniel Shea

Makeup : Thomas De Kluyver

Hair Stylist : Alex Brownsell

Music Credits :

«Bad Moon Rising»

John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Concord Music Group, Inc., Craft Recordings.

Youtube Link:

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