Phipps by Loic Prigent shot in between lockdowns in Paris


On the 2nd of July 2020, we went to see Spencer Phipps, the most Parisian of American designers in male fashion, to discover his Spring Summer 2021 collection! Spencer Phipps gets his inspiration in the rich iconography of the American Promised Land, shuffling western symbols such as cowboy hats and shirts with Dolly Parton blouses and politically engaged slogan hoodies. Each piece of his Gold Label collection is handpicked and carefully curated to fit the global aesthetic and storytelling of the brand. You get to meet Mathis Chevalier, French MMA champion, who models and stars for the first time in the PHIPPS collection film! And you’ll discover the little behind-the-scenes secrets of the movie, shot in a desert in Spain. Don’t miss our 4th of July MOODBOAAAARD! To dress like the American flag, all stars and stripes from head to toe.

Filmed with Julien Da Costa

Edited by Konstantin Maslakov

Produced by Natacha Morice for DERALF (Divertissant Et Révoltant A La Fois)

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Music : Audionetwork!

Diane Pernet

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