A modest youthful world by BARRAGÁN for SS2021

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

It is our omnipresence that makes forecasting our lives truly captivating these days, if not addictive. It’s our own interior thirst for the much-needed friction between bodies generating its own natural energy, our one redefining hope– all Gracias a Dios!

Lucky for us we are blessed by Mexican born and NYC operational futurologist slash creative director Victor Barragán whose spring-summer 2021 line offers us a case. His decision to use models with a wide variety of skin tones combined in full tranquility created the ideal fashion mural. His never-ending tones create a cultural mosaic leading us with humility across a bridge to communities all around the world.

We have recorded BARRAGÁN’s work as one of fashion’s best assertive performances in a long time. Crossing borders and delivering values and matters through an artistic voice that is advanced for 2020, it is impossible for us here not to relate his anatomical work to the Central Library (UNAM) building at hometown Coyoacán, a long-term fountain of wisdom. Barragan’s way of attracting souls can be understood by effortlessly imagining a local market: the flowers; the stand with the spiritual needs; and the aromas of centrifuging shapes from ‘mujeres y hombres’ into asymmetrical alla Manhattan silhouettes.

Next season, it’ll be all about the ideal, star student living on a university campus, passing through transparent corridors where mutual awareness of others transforms into appeal, leaving space for contemplation and no judgments. It’s an academic degree Barragán campaigns for.

Hard to just pick one look, but we accept the challenge and before it’s too late and school break ends, we vote: the tone-sur-tone celestial shirt and tie in washed silk worn by the cutest curls on a black leather bermuda and bubble shoes. There you go! Though we do love the ancient pyramid prints seen from a bird’s eye view.

Victor, you’re making Mexico great para siempre!


Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz.


Video © Cyrus Duff – Courtesy of Pr

Oficina Gabardine