Designer Duo Ludovic Buthiaux and Alexis Jouanny’s brand Maison Buthiaux

Dear Shaded Viewers,

“Buthiaux is a duet made of Ludovic Buthiaux and Alexis Jouanny. As a kid, I (Ludovic) dreamed of reviving a « sleeping old house » , an old forgotten brand with an important stylistic heritage. So I learned my skills at Rochas and Emanuel Ungaro until I assisted Mr. Irie in his own fashion house. Alexis had started by fashion design too but, at the end, specialized himself in the commercial branch, formed by Agnès b. I ultimately didn’t want to wait to express myself, I wanted to create and go for it, there, at 23. So, it was in 2019 that we started to think about the Buthiaux house, we had our respective jobs, we lived in a real 20m2 in Le Marais and we gave ourselves 5 years to try our luck. Surrounded by our patronage and our tools, it is there that our first collection « Femme » was born, presented in March 2020. The main inspiration of this collection comes from the women we know and their history, independent women to which we wanted to pay homage, our mothers for example, ours and surely yours. Women who grew up in a century where Freedom was promised to them equally to that of man and who yet sees their role still minimized today. We wanted to give courage to these women, give them strength and let them know that they are heard and that we will help them. This is the purpose of Buthiaux, the will to give courage and strength to daily battles. This desire is part of helping our community and it starts by buying our fabrics in Europe (Italy and France mainly) and having our pieces manufactured in France as well. Each season, a percentage of sales will ALWAYS be donated to associations to thank them and help them continue their fight. So I am correcting my first sentence: Buthiaux is a duet, yes, but it’s also many little hands helping us in secret at this very moment and a fountain to any person in need of strength and courage.”

Ludovic Buthiaux

Diane Pernet

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