Show in a box LOEWE! J W Anderson by Loic Prigent

This was filmed during this october Paris Fashion Week! You should consider it as a PART2 of last week’s LOEWE video. This is what Covid did to fashion. From the extravagant fashion show to this extravagant presentation. We met the génial Jonathan Anderson so he could explain in person his incredible LOEWE collection, built, designed, thought during the lockdown in Europe of this last spring 2020. Giga silhouettes to express power! Divine shapes! Angelic shoulders! A mindblowing “Show In A Box” sent to the press and some lucky ones. You have to listen to him, try to understand how his mind works. Jonathan Anderson believes a brand has to react to the world, to cultural events, to be a cultural event, a cultural ally to its customers/believers. As LOEWE is part of LVMH, nothing is impossible, no creative boundaries!

Filmed with Julien Da Costa

Edited by Konstantin Maslakov (Get well soon Konstantin!)

Sound by Clément Duché (who didn’t bother to hide, so he’s in half of the shots)

Produit par Natacha Morice pour DERALF (Divertissant Et Révoltant A La Fois)

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Music : Audionetwork

Diane Pernet

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