Histoire d’Eau for Fendi directed by Jacques de Bascher and introduced to ASVOF by Alessandro Berga

“Jacques de Bascher pour Fendi. “Histoire d’Eau” was the first fashion film in history, produced in 1977 to launch the first Fendi Ready to Wear collection. Recently restored, it was presented to celebrate “The Glory of Water” exhibition in Paris. The original film, directed by Jacques de Bascher, tells of a young woman, dressed in Fendi, vacationing in Rome and bathing in the city fountains.”

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I have always considered William Klein’s Who Are You Polly Magoo as the first fashion film of course it was not a branded film however it  was made in 1966 . Perhaps Histoire d’Eau was the first branded fashion film for Fendi that went along with their first Fendi Ready to Wear collection.

I thank Alessandro Berga for introducing me to this film.




Diane Pernet

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