MARINE SERRE Spring Summer 2021 – PFW- Text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda.

If the fashion people are not screaming already about Marine Serre’s new collection they should start already.

AMOR FATI, LOVE FOR DESTINY, EMBRACING DESTINY, LOVE FATE, A-C-C-E-P-T-I-N-G-Y-O-U-R-F-A-T-E, KNOW/LOVE YOUR FATE? Is an idea enunciated by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche mainly on one of the last books written on his life: The Dawn Of Gods. Nietzsche originally used the figure of the greek god Dionisio to explain his concept. Teaching us a perspective of tragedy as something that should be celebrated and even provoked.

I haven’t actually red or listened to any rational or interview from the French Fashion Designer as I write this review, and I honestly don’t know if I want to do it at all. I like finding by myself a certain narrative in Serre’s video presentation.

First, Has Marine Serre come face to face to encounter her true self? and is this a portrait of her findings? Is this video at the same time a fictional scene to explain to us in an oneiric, fashionable aesthetic what accepting one’s own destiny means for her? In either case, The Marine Serre poetical language seems more clear than ever, or at least more undertaken than ever in a solid and unapologetic way. I’m sure that room full of models wearing the moon leotard also made the oxygen in your lungs freeze for one second.

Apart from the branded pieces the collection actually seems extremely mature and intensively crafted, almost reminds me to the Gaultier Couture of the mid 2000’s. In a positive way, in a celebration way, in a resurrectional way.

Cinematographically speaking the presentation film is delightful, the rhythm is perfect, the photography is perfect, thank to the gods because the acting is perfect and the production design is also joining the list of impeccable work. If anything I would just delete those little close ups that feel the most commercial but it does give an early-stage-to-the-discipline texture to the film.

The Film is going to be projected in a small VIP social gathering in Paris tonight, the 29th of September of 2020. It’s a day of celebration for fashion and the culture.



Ivo Barraza Castaneda

Hello, my name is Ivo. My three favorite things in life are: Thinking deeply about visual creation. I like having long discussions of ideas that might reinvent the course of history. And finally, spending time with the people I love. Since I was a child, I was always involved in some activity around plastic arts, music and literature. That’s how I learned to sew by hand at the age of five, which later led me to focus on my main professional media: Fashion Design.