“Hawaii”, “Pin-up”, capsule collaboration between Faline x Harajuku company, “X-girl” with artist Antoine Kruk

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Everyone in Tokyo and in the fashion scene in Paris knows Babymay, the owner of Faline Tokyo. She is the director and creator of the Faline boutique which is the pioneer of “Harajuku” girl fashion. The artist Antoine Kruk met Babymay in Paris, she loves artists and designers and often collaborates with them on exclusive clothes for the Japanese market.

Two years ago Babymary contacted Antoine Krukon instagram and ordered a drawing for a t-shirt, the following year she ordered a drawing for a tote bag, and finally she had the idea to ask Antoine Kruk to make a series of drawings on the theme “Hawaii”, “Pin-up”, to launch a capsule collaboration between Faline and another Harajuku company, “X-girl”. This particular collection is very young, affordable and of course very Tokyo style.

Babymary loves to party and has a large social network so you can imagine a whole generation of young boys and girls in Tokyo walking around wearing drawings by Antoine Kruk, who by the way is Japanese on his mother’s side. Antoine made the drawings a year ago and despite CODIV-19 the collection bursts out now like a breath of fresh air and makes everyone feel good.

The collection itself is quite small composed of a few shirts, including a no gender one, t-shirts, and jersey pieces printed in place or as an all-over print.

It is sold exclusively in Japan, however it can be ordered online on Faline’s website or on X-girl’s website.



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Diane Pernet

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