Memories are made of this…ASVOFF 9 at NuBoyana Film studio in Bulgaria…thank you Teodora Guergova

Dear Shaded Viewers,

ASVOFF 9 had Eric Daman as our President and for the first, and only so far, time ASVOFF was held on a film studio. It was great fun.


President: Eric Daman, Costume Designer, Serge Carreira- FHC , Isabel Coixet- Film Director, Cuba Tornado Scott, Model/Director, Ivaylo Grancharov- Head of Development & Education Dept at Nu Boyana Film Studios – ‎Nu Boyana Film Studios, Marc Happel- Director of Costumes at the New York City Ballet, Klaus Stockhausen-Fashion Director /Stylist Zeit Magazine

Serge Carreira came up with the idea that since we were at a film studio we needed to do a spectacular opening like me in a carriage carried by 4 soldiers and an awards ceremony we the jury performing …

It was funny.




Diane Pernet

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