#LOCK DOWN HOME MOVIE Tattooing the Earth by Dodi Espinosa – DEADLINE May 14th.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

During the lockdown period ASVOFF 12 has created a new challenge for you…we want to see your home movies. Go to www.asvoff.com click Submissions LOCK DOWN. You can make  it on your mobile and send the link to your material by wetransfer to submissions@asvoff.com along with the filled out submission form. You must have the rights to the music. There are a few sites: you can check out that have royalty free music:

Creator Studio (fb) platform of emerging artists that can be downloaded for free without copyright and can be used on all social platforms without problem!!


You know what a home movie is? It is something personal you make to entertain yourself, your family and friends. We are living in a sci-fi moment, how are you passing the time locked down? The featured film today is from the artist Dodi Espinosa.

“Tattooing the Earth is a piece of video Art. I was very interested in the idea of documenting a ritual performance in order to be screened on internet. Somehow I found very meaningful the idea of Tattooing the Earth, its a fact that the act of Tattooing has many kinds of spiritual or ritualistic meanings, especially for old civilisations and tribes which where more connected to the earth and the cosmos… In this case the act of tattooing reflects on our direct relation to our mother earth and our deeper connection with her, at the same time the documented ritual works as an act of prayer, homage or penitence towards mother Earth, in order to ask for forgiveness towards human kind. The exhaustive and meditative work serves as a way to enter in trance and connect with the Earth, the final piece will be fired in order to exist as documentation of the ritual together with this film.” Dodi Espinosa.

Dodi Espinosa, Based in Antwerp Belgium where I work as an Artist (born Rodrigo Daniel Espinosa Mendoza on 31/12/1985 in Mexico City) I grew up in the Teotihuacan region. A rural environment with a strong cultural heritage because of its world-famous archeological sites. The historical background and the context where I grew up would influence the basis of my approach to arts; the importance of the crafts as well as the political engagement. In 2002 I moved to Spain where first I studied graphic design in Santander and then Art at the Escola Massana in Barcelona for over 4 years focussing mainly in conceptual and performative art, after that I decided to leave Art school in other to continue my development as a self taught Artist with an independent and out of the box approach to arts.

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