House & Fashion: Pieter Eliëns sturdy phalanges are propelled by the artisanal.

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

More than ever before in interior design history, we are experiencing a moment of deep connectivity with the ornaments and belongings that adorn our habitats. Mind you these connections are spurned not from decorator or designer advice, but rather independently and organically within the home. Relocating or restoring these objects brings a new integrity to domestic space, and induces a certain loveliness that will carry on into infinity.

When adorning, pushing our comfort zones and reframing our boundaries turns out to be more difficult than we think. Try exercising your creative muscles and imagine living alongside a new artifact that embellishes your home.

These days there is nothing more valuable than home. While observing your sitting room, you might discover that perfect opening in your 70’s vintage wall cupboard or in your brand new Thomas Merkel System M for S+ Furniture. This open space is waiting for you to add the liveliness that your room is missing.



For those empty spaces, Amsterdam based artist and inventive stylist Pieter Eliëns (ArtEZ > Arnhem Fashion Design > Graduation > 2013) delivers FIGURINES – shapes with which to cohabitate and love. His handmade paper sculptural objects are unique pieces made from wood, paper, epoxy, paint, and ink. Together the elements liquefy into art, and making these shapes is what Eliëns does best.

“The use of these new creative artifacts, gives a room flavors of modesty while remaining exclusive.”

There’s no need for large scale, total redecoration marathons. Instead, the simplicity of purchasing one FIGURINE is the right investment. Eliëns’ sculptures are light and humble. Their strong personality is shaped with the possibility of exploring its features based on your own interpretation. If you become the lucky owner, I recommend that you take a seat on the sofa and enjoy this most soigné moment, taking a 360-degree journey through joy and contemplation.



You shan’t need Billy Baldwin’s advice for this operation, nor any other famous, expensive decorator. Eliëns’ pieces are kind – their presence represents the artist’s own beliefs in optimism and self-made colors. Purchasing one of his FIGURINES is acquiring a unique piece filled with sentiment.




PIETER ELIËNS@pieter.eliens

Photos and Videos © Courtesy of Pieter Eliëns

FIGURINES A, B, C and D; are exclusively available at Oficina Gabardine AMSTERDAM.

Note: Best suited for indoors placement, not suitable for outdoor exhibition.