The Strange Tales of Niels Hansen Jacobsen – Musee Bourdelle till May 31st, 2020

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Niels Hansen Jacobsen (1861-1941) is a contemporary of Antoine Bourdelle and is the current exhibition at Musee Bourdelle. The Danish sculptor and ceramist revived Nordic mythology and Scandinavian legends, and his work shows a marked taste for the macabre. He lived in Paris from 1892-1902 and was associated with the symbolist and Art Nouveau movements.

The living is frozen to the point of petrification in the masks.  The head of Meduse is explored by artists Antoine Bourdelle’s Marteau de porte, Tete de Meduse 1925 and Arnold Bocklin with the face of Meduse 1897. An arresting bronze by Niels Hansen Jacobsen L’Ombre  depicts  the shadow of death and Niels Hansen Jacobsen Masque de l’Automne carries the spirit of the devil.

General Curators

Teresa Nielsen, director of Vejen Kunstmuseum

Amelie Simier, director of musee Bourdelle

Scientific Curator

Jerome Godeau, art historian, musee Bourdelle



Diane Pernet

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