Turf Fever – Director, Producer – Kevin Gordon

A young Filipino-American escapes a troubled childhood in a rough town through TURF dancing and the brotherhood of his dance crew.

Michael Chicago is the son of a Filipino immigrant mother and an alcoholic father. As a teenager, when his parents argued, he would find refuge in the garage, where he put on his headphones and practiced ‘turf’ dancing, a style of hip-hop dance unique to the Bay Area. Now 22, Michael has a stable job as an assembly worker at a car parts factory to support his family, but on the weekends he and his crew participate in underground turf dance battles where he dominates under the name “No Name.”

This film is part of the Shine On series about the unexpected side passions that people live for. Watch more episodes at ShineOnSeries.com.

A Sub64Films Production sub64films.com
Director, Producer – Kevin Gordon
Director of Photographer – Matt Clarke
Associate Producer – Rehana Lerandeau
AC/Additional Camera – Derek Knowles
AC/Additional Camera – Kodiak Drewry
Additional Camera – Mario Furloni
AC – Mel Amano
Gaffer – Andrew Haney
Grip – Alex Herter
Sound – Thomas Christenson
Editor – Kevin Gordon
Assistant Editor – Taliesin Black
Color Finishing – Mark Sterne
Sound Mix – Mitchel Davidovitz
Original Music
KooLeo / Shlee Beats – Hellabay
Broke for Free – Luminous
The Passion HiFi – Still Shining
Agony prod by hitmakerchinx FdmNation
Thanks to TURF Inc.

Michael “No Name” Chicago
Also Featuring:
Esteban “TFA” Torres
Andrew “Nasty” Sanchez
Steven “SD” Hadnot
Anthony “ACE” Crawford
Armond Foster
Ranier “Lee” Lay
Brandon Curtis
Jacob “Kidd Assassin” Macaya
Johnny “Johnny5” Lopez

With support from IFP

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