Christian Dada – Pilgrimage SS20 show text by Runzhou Sun

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Christian Dada SS 20’s collection is inspired by Japan’s pilgrimage tradition. Modern takes on the traditional pilgrim’s attire merges with all the elements of a contemporary wardrobe. The subtleties of Japanese culture can be perceived in elaborate designs. The use of matching fabrics accentuate the beauty of the colour black. Giant Lily and Mandalas blossoming on the silky shirts evoke Zen Buddhism and the “Mono no aware” philosophy.

The motif “Reject perfection and beauty” running down the nylon straps of the conical sedge hats adds a touch of street and sport to the look. This pilgrimage is not only a religious/cultural journey, but also an exploration of different techniques. For instance, the landscape on cotton shirts was made by mixing a 3D embroidery technique with traditional regional crafts. A sartorial cool wool is strengthened with rip-stop fabrics mixing fashion with functionality.

Colour reflects the mood of this pilgrimage with black as the dominant hue. The interspersed blue and white represent the longing for the light at the heart of every pilgrim. The final looks are the punchline of the show. Morokawa has been questioning the notion of life and death from his debut show and finally he found the answer from the deities of Japanese myth. It was at this point that we were no longer the audience of the show, but the believers of Christian Dada.