Jerry Schatzberg exhibition at Chateau Chamarande till September 1st

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I took a half a day trip today to visit the exhibition of Jerry Schatzberg. It’s up till September 1st and I suggest you make an effort to get there. Public transportation takes you literally a 3 minute walk from the Chateau. It’s RER C and the stop is Chamarande, it is 10 stops from Paris. It was raining and empty so we had the chateau to ourselves. Here is a selection of Jerry’s photos. If you do not know his film work, google. He used to be a fashion photographer his first feature film was Puzzle of a downfall child with Faye Dunaway who later became his girlfriend for a few years… There is not much he has not done or experienced and there is no stopping him now. The man is extraordinary and I’m so happy  that I was able to pay homage to him when ASVOFF went to NYC a few years ago.



Exhibition May 27 – September 1st

Domaine Department Chamarande

Diane Pernet

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