Rather than look at my in the dark images, NOWFASHION did a great video of the show:


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Just back from Rome and the GUCCI Cruise experience. Best way to describe it is through images of course. My two day GUCCI Rome experience included a lovely visit to the Antica Libreria Cascianelli  where we picked up our invitations which came in the form of a precious book relating to antiquity and the Musei Capitolini, the museum was the location for the Cruise 2020 show. Then we had a lovely dinner at Coromandel on via di Monte Giordano and back to our Locarno Hotel.

The following morning we visited the artist exhibition of Emiliano Maggi – The Club sponsored by GUCCI and in collaboration with Alessandro Michele.

After the exhibition we went to  lunch at the Villa Borghese before the highlight event…GUCCI Cruise show in the Musei Capitolini. The Musei Capitolini  is the first art museum in the world that was open to the public and not just an elite few. There were 500 invited guests who were ushered in through the dark galleries and given a flashlight and forewarned that this would be the only light source in which to view the show. Hence my very dark images that I had a bit of difficulty recording, you know holding a flashlight and my mobile at the same time…I know I should be more adept at that however I’m not so enjoy the video by NOWFASHION above. This was the first GUCCI show in Rome and it was made as a tribute to the culture that has inspired centuries through the glories of its ancient past and has clearly left a strong imprint on Alessandro Michele. Attention was drawn to the current political situation and was an out cry for freedom, not the least a reaction to the anti-abortion laws that are currently in the forefront of the news. Women need to be free to make their own choices about their body and not directed by an outside source. The collection is vast and proposes something for everyone  and even though so much is on offer it is all tied together coherently like with a magic thread. On offer were voluminous gowns, some tweed looks that made me think of new vision for Chanel, logo t-shirts, a variety of shorts, togas wrapped over boxy suits, ecclesiastical looks,  and the best collection of eyewear that no doubt will keep the cash registers ringing. Elton John was there, I did not see him, but I’m sure he was picturing himself in some of the fantastic frames. Another theme was – no gender and no season.

I went to the after-party at Palazzo Brancaccio but did not stay long enough to enjoy the concert by Stevie Nicks nor to see Harry Styles but I did experience the absolute frenzy when the K-Pop star Kai arrived at the GUCCI show.

KAI at Musei Capitolini

It was madness. You can get the full experience if you visit my instagram asvof. I walked past the screaming crowds and did not record it but felt the urge to go back and register the sound for you…I thought that I was at a K-pop concert and by chance my going back to record came at the precise moment KAI, the K-Pop idol, happened to be walking in.

As an aside, if you are considering going blue, here is a little advice:

P.S.S. Everyone above is clearly wearing GUCCI GUCCI GUCCI.




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