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AZULIK in Tulum, Mexico has launched an experiential site to support research, transformation and creation in Tulum, Mexico. The multi-faceted and flexible complex, AZULIK Un May will encompass an array of creative spaces including an innovative art space, a lab dedicated to fashion and design, an arts and crafts school, a state of the art recording studio as well as artists residences and offers a platform for creative pioneers from a diverse range of fields.

The project is inspired by the natural environment and the rich heritage of the local Mayan culture in the heart of the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Roth (Eduardo Neira) is the founder and a social entrepreneur who’s vision is reflected in his ecologically inspired resort AZULIK Tulum and the adjacent art space 1K LAB Tulum.

An auction showcasing demi-couture fashion pieces from AZULIK’s sustainable in-house fashion brand, Anikena, was presented in the form of a Mayan moon ritual. The auction  included artworks by artists collaborating with lK LAB. All proceeds went to support the development of the arts and crafts school on site.

“Ernesto Neto’s oeuvre explores the fundamental structures of the natural and social realms, creating an immersive experience prone to redefining the boundaries between the viewer and the work, the individual and the community, and the material and immaterial spheres. ​Every Tree is a Civilizing Entity (2016) embraces the visitor in an intricate canopy of delicately woven cotton crochet, while Healing House (2016) offers a cathedral-like space for recollection and meditation. Honoring his joint indigenous and African heritage, Paulo Nazareth explores the idea of artists as connectors through his performances, which reveal and record a subtle network of interrelatedness between individuals and communities sustained by ancestral wisdom. Oskar Metsavaht’s immersive light tunnel features projections inspired by the ceremonial markings of the Ashaninka tribe, offering viewers the opportunity to reconnect with their innermost self through a metaphorical journey.”

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