Martina Spetlova to help Siryan refugees

Dear Shaded Viewers,

today I’d like to talk about Martina Spetlova and her new projects. Originally from the Czech Republic and now based in East London, Martina is a graduate of the renowned MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins. Her scientific background influences her uniquely experimental approach to fashion. A whimsical world of recycled materials, with a distinctive technique in weaving colorful textiles and used leather.

Alongside her uncompromising design aesthetic, Martina is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing throughout her supply chain. She partners with sustainable and organic suppliers, and her chrome-free leather is hand woven by Syrian artisan refugees in a women’s social enterprise.

Forever scanning the horizon for innovative approaches to sustainability and ethical transparency, Martina now applies cutting-edge blockchain technology to her clothing. Each garment comes with a scannable chip detailing its materials, sourcing and story for each piece she has created.

A crowdfunding campaign to Empower Syrian refugees women through fashion and craft is now live:

M Woven needs your help to launch new accessories collection as Martina Spetlova has worked with Syrian refugees woman artisans, teaching them her handwoven technique in order to help them rebuild their lives through craft and regular income. It’s a mission to make a difference!

Just repost and share with hashtag MWoven to make this viral, please also go on the website above to purchase an item and support them.



Giorgia Cantarini

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