Nelly Zagury directed the music video for Sidibe..CONGRATULATIONS

Tea with Nelly Zagury of Holy Faya and my AKA necklace photos by Marco de Rivera

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Super happy for my friend Nelly Zagury directing the new music video for Sidibe where she imagined the story of a Love Goddess, sending a parrot messenger to break up with her lover. Zagury designed the set, costumes and accessories mixing subtle erotic symbols with magic ornaments.It is truly her vision of fantasy to the world.

Her fairy tale inspirations came from the film ‘Black Orpheus’ by Marcel Camus.

The “What Should One Do” video is out now. Click here to watch: 🌸 Thank you to the most incredible team who helped this project come to life. Special thanks to Nelly Zagury who walked step by step with me in the creation of this video. And so much love to those of you who continue to support my art. I hope you feel lighter and brighter after watching this. 💕

Directed by Nelly Zagury
Produced by Sidibe
Director of Photography: Dana Rice
Editing & Coloring: Dana Rice
VFX Artist: Ryan Drake
Art Direction, Costume and Set Design: Nelly Zagury
Set Assistant: Cassie Hunter
Bird Handler: Laura Luz Carrillo

Musicians: Isaac Bolivar, Douglas M. Mersier Jr., Derek Thomas
The Lover: Jamal Ademola
Birds: Casper & Sarah

Michael Vasquez

Song Composed by Sidibe, Nico Stadi and Warryn Campbell
Produced by Nico Stadi


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