Neith Hunter was my muse from 1982 – 87 till Herb Ritts discovered her and….

Ancient history I was sending some images per a request for my designs to a journalist and I came upon this old post. nolonger exists but here are some traces of a time gone by.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was just adding some pics to my project and thought I’d post Neith Hunter who was my muse from 1982 – 87 when I was a designer. The top pic was in the home of art dealer Holly Solomon when my location fell through and one of her artists, Izhar Patkin, suggested I do an intimate show in her Sutton Place apartment just for a few top press from American and Italian Vogue, WWD and a select few from international press. Neith was the model in my first press kit styled by Anna Sui and photos by Jean Marie Guyaux, my boyfriend at the time. The top image is from 1982 and the other ones go up to 1986, my second press kit was photographed by Zacky Sherif in his Cafe Sphinx. I adored Neith from the moment she walked into the studio totally jet lagged from her red eye flight from LA. I used her for years, and in the beginning I used to dress her up to look like me but of course she looked much better, she was perfect. It was like dressing a life size doll. Then Herb Ritts discovered her and she was booked non-stop and then she was never available…that is how it goes. I remember a funny story Mike Figgis told me about Nicolas Cage, who won the academy award for Leaving Las Vegas because Mike fought for him when Hollywood did not want him, Mike got his way, Nicolas Cage won the academy award and ¬†then he just was not available…so much for loyalty.



Diane Pernet

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