Dali Paris is re-opening April 13th photos © IAR Studio Adeline Rispal -Dali Paris

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In 1991 a museum dedicated to the works of Salvadore Dali opened in Monmartre and over a period of 25 years it received close to 150,000 visits per year. The Italian art dealer and collector Beniamino Levi has put together his private collection, which he started assembling in the 70’s. In the 70’s his Milan Gallery on via Montenapoleone: la Galleria Levi, organised solo shows for artists such as Kandinsky, Le Corbusier, Dubuffet, Picasso…

In 1974, thanks to his friendship with the art dealer and collector, Heinz Berggruen and Arturo Schwarz, a well known surrealist specialist, he came in contact with Dali in their Suite at the Hotel Meurice where Dali was staying with his wife Gala.  This meeting was life changing. Levi fell under the charm of Dali and began collecting him with the first purchase the painting Œuf sur le plat sans le plat (1932) and  Harpe Invisible (1934) which he later exposed at his Galerie in Milan. They met after that in Paris and New York and Spain but at the end of the 70’s due to the terrorist attacks, Levi closed his Galerie. Levi acquired the rights to publish 29 images of some of Dali’s most famous paintings: the Persistence of Memory, the Temptation of St. Anthony, Giraffe on Fire, etc. this gave Levi the rights to make bronze sculptures based on models designed by Dali. The bronze were cast at the Perseo Foundry in Switzerland where for 65 years they had made bronzes for Giacometti, Arp, Botero…

In 2018 the architect Adeline Rispal redesigned the volumes of the museum and the scenography which exploits all the possiblities of space for the development of the path of both the artist and the collector.

From 2019, Dali Paris will host contemporary artists which will be unveiled after the opening.




Diane Pernet

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