Pam Hogg, fall 2018 – text by Silvia Bombardini

Pam_Hogg_72dpi_AW18_020 Pam_Hogg_72dpi_AW18_003Pam_Hogg_72dpi_AW18_021 Pam_Hogg_72dpi_AW18_019

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Her signature sheer, mesh bodysuits are something of a seasonal blank canvas in Dr. Pam Hogg’s shows: like second skins to try on new personas, for fun or freedom. With fall 2018, The Eternal Return of the Goddess, Dr. Hogg offers her fans a full parade of options. From a waxy black vinyl gown, glossy like fresh paint, to almost bridal peach catsuits trimmed with rows of pearls and golden fixtures. Baby blue and pink puffs of tulle bring in a sugary sweetness that does not detract from her power – the Goddess, as the woman, comes indeed in many forms. In a draped dress with angel-like sleeves, perched on high wedges, she walks imposing but auspicious, a nest of bronzed birds in her hair, like a winged figure of victory. A figurehead on the prow of a ship, but also its captain, in a red chequered coat with gold fringes, clusters of pearls as epaulettes. Or she strides in, hands on her hips, in a plasticised lace ensemble with colourful ruffles at the cuffs, along the legs, around an oversize Pierrot collar, a little heart drawn on rosy cheeks – Cupid, looking for lovebirds. Romance, at its most ideal, is an underlying theme: and silken scarves that spell out S.W.A.L.K, as in ‘sealed with a loving kiss’, love letters in code, feature all throughout the show.


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