Johan Creten “Sunrise/Sunset” PERROTIN and Josh Sperling Chasing Rainbows


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I gave you a preview of the exhibition “Sunrise/Sunset” by the Belgian artist Johan Creten…today was the opening followed by a wonderful dinner created by the French chef, Pierre Gagnaire followed by a concert by Juliette Armanet. I had great table guests, my new Turkish friend, Jerome Sans and on my right the lovely PR from the Grand Palais, I’m the worst with names. But the exhibitions and the entire evening was heavenly.

A funny thing happened, I was seated one place apart from Jerome Sans and he was speaking to my new Turkish friend and I and next to him was a young guy, and like whispering down the lane, I got the story totally wrong. Jerome was saying how Emmanuel Perrotin was a self-made man and that he started at the age of 19 and now has 100 people working for him and is not quite 50. I thought he was talking about the guy next to him, had no idea he was talking about Perrotin and I was looking at the young guy  amazed that he could be almost 50 when he looked no more than 24 maximum which in fact was what he is and he works  at Perrotin. My moment in an alternate reality. Anyway, long story short. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you Johan Creten and Emmanuel Perrotin for inviting me.

Johan Creten Sunrise/Sunset till March 10, 2018

Josh Sperling Chasing Rainbows till February 24, 2018


76 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris



Diane Pernet

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