My Name is Claude releases two new albums: You Can Not Enter the Disco and Can’t Cheat

CANT CHEAT EP COVERfor digital youcannotenterthediscoDear Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just finished listening to the two new albums by My Name is Claude. He remains true to himself but has decided to re-integrate rhythm into his music.

“You cannot enter the disco” is an album about “not fitting in ” and a sort of call to reach out for community and people who are like you. It’s an album divided in 2 moments “side A” and “Side B”, just like a vinyl. The 2 sides are different steps in that journey. The second album, “Can’t cheat” is a 4 track EP. More quiet, silent, it contains more “space” and breathing. ” said My Name is Claude.

Each of the 4 tracks are made in one shot, a direct dive into his music, world and with no trampoline for saftey…each piece is “improvised” with prepared material.

At the end of the year he did the sound track for Dream Boat a documentary directed by Tristan Ferland Milewski and produced by Gebrueder Betz Filmproduktion.

Can’t Cheat EP will be released on January 12th on Bandcamp and January 19th  on iTunes .

My Name is Claude’s career spans a range of musical styles and emotions, from club culture across European stages to a minimalist film noir period removing all pulsation from his compositions, a deepening of sound and exploration of melancholia, the creation of characters and voices, finally coming full circle to arrive back in the club with his latest works about movement, dancing, self-discovery and intimacy.



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