Jitrois releases his Klub bags and accessories line

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Fifteen years ago Jitrois released a line of handbags, now he has decided to re-issue them but reinvent them for today.  The original Klub bag is a smooth leather model featuring gold hardware that is distinctly Jitrois. It comes in black, blood red and millennial rose. Klub J3 features a quilted pattern and monogrammed lettering in a gothic style and comes in gold, black and cyan. Klub Rose has an embroidered leather rose that is sliced to give the illusion of delicate petals. This comes in black, cyan and millennial rose. The colors are connected with our emotions. The bags can be worn with a long gold chain or a short leather strap, a dose of fetishism..

The bags can be ordered here: https://www.jitrois.com/fr/

In addition “SOFT ACCESSORIES with themes like Augmented Life for all; voyeurism, exhibitionism, selfies, from soft to hard,  the digital natives from the YouTube to the YouPorn generations are also available via the link above or at Jitrois stores in Paris, London, New York and Aspen. The charms and key rings have been produced to complement the textures of the bags all made in Jitrois atelier with smooth, pebbled and shimmer leathers.



Diane Pernet

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