Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

From Colette, Nike, W Paris Opera, Bernhard Willhelm and street artist SUPERBLAST, uslu airlines loves collaborations. Creative Director, Feride Uslu explains that “collaborating has become a significant element of the uslu airlines universe. Its such an important way for us to experiment and come up with new ideas while brainstorming with different people. Since the beginnings of our label, we started working together with various personalities of the fashion, music and design world; all of them have the uslu airlines vibe in common.”



This time around uslu airlines has teamed up with DJ Loco Dice, to create three lipsticks for the Used & Abused Ibiza parties. Never ones to shy away from colour, these shades are light pony pink, pastel peach and mint green, and were inspired “directly from a party attitude”. Feride Uslu sets the scene:

“Imagine partying all night, maybe even getting kissed, everything could happen. Of course you want your lipstick to be visible and stay in place, that's why we went for extra bright pastel colours in a creamy texture that will be eye-catching and also visible in the dark. 'Get your lips kissed and leave a mark' is kinda the attitude while wearing our lipsticks.”

Also in September, the collaboration with the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt created products inspired by an ancient lipplug worn during the rituals of an old Bolivian tribe. “The piece is made out of grey stone and has a glowing blue and grey colour. We immediately got inspired by these shades and tried to link them with beauty products, and so lipplug became lipstick.” Well, two lipsticks in fact, in sky blue and a beautiful steel grey.


It’s not so unusual that uslu airlines, who names all their products after airport codes, derives its creativity from the world in the greatest sense, but I asked how their Berlin-base influences their product development. 

“Berlin is a great city to work in with big spaces and a freedom to create and be inspired. But Uslu airlines is also an international brand, and we serve more than 180 destinations in over 170 countries worldwide; that's more than British Airways or Air France! The world is our playground and we are constantly on the lookout for new inspiration from all over the globe."

With an uslu airlines perfume set to release next summer, an upcoming minty lip balm in collaboration with a yet-to-be-revealed DJ, and a re-launch of their new airbrush system, 2014 will be very exciting for uslu airlines, so stay tuned.


Happy Thursday,

Sophie Joy


Sophie Joy Wright