Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Virus Rebirth by Reine Graves is featured today on ASVOFF Web TV.

Because I am the first and the last, I am the one who receives the honors, and the one who is despised ….

The Virus Rebirth by Reine Graves is based on an excerpt from the Gnostic Coptic “Hymn to Isis” of Nag Hammadi

Film realized in collaboration with artists: Leyokki, Balthazar Lefebvre, Elyaou Bialobos

Featured Actors: Veroushka Khvost & Stanislas d’Albuquerque

Sound Design: Franck Blondin, Casting: Magali Speedyrainbow,  Make-up: Salome Blue  , Hair : Dominique Da Silva, Illustration : Lucie Ouvrard .

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition LES YEUX GRAND OUVERTS curated by David Magnin & Géraldine Postel Special thanks: HOTEL LANCASTER , OUTCASTS INCORPORATED , Thierry Laromaniere , Olivier Hersart & Pierre Mandereau.



Diane Pernet

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