Mother Nature: Mimi Prober SS18 text by Valerie McPhail

With a passion for refashioning antique pieces, the heart and soul of designer Mimi Prober rests on the technique of natural floral hand dying and historic patchwork quilting. Sheer knitted pieces are signature to a collection that inspires warmth and comfort from acts of tender, love and care.

“Welcome to our Dreamscape,” titled Prober’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. A vision colorized by  New York’s Élan Flowers, the designer uses the downtown florists’ sourced natural floral dye to resurrect the earthly creation into purpose and to reveal beauty.

The runway also hosted a number of collaborations with Prober’s namesake label. In addition to a shoe collaboration with Helene Westbye that offers hand braided footwear designs made with Italian-sourced artisanal materials, The Mimi x From the Road presents a separate accessories collection. This collaboration of scarfs presents limited edition pieces of ultra sheer linen and cashmere designs by Susan Easton, ornamented with Prober’s talent for beading jet and steel.

Humble to share her perspective of design, in her second season Mimi Prober proves her gift for restoring antiquated treasures.

Valerie McPhail

Valerie McPhail is a New York-based writer on things of style and artistic expression. She has a portfolio of writing for both fashion and art publications. Although she enjoys covering fashion news and supporting new designers, her favorite subject to explore is the experience of fashion and how life is communicated through clothing. She believes there is a lot to be said about this.