Hotel Palomo by Mario Canal

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday at the Madrid Fashion Week, Palomo Spain did it again.

With a more solid collection, using better fabrics, better cutting and patterns, his show was the consolidation of a voice that not for being bold and attractive was less unexperienced. With Hotel Palomo -the name of the collection presented at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid- his tong in cheek, glamorous and androgynous designs were on point. Clarifying any doubts people might have about his fashion point of view.

His design is so personal and so smart that is at the same time totally underground and mainstream. Androgynous and fluid gender fans love it. Mothers and posh girls, too. He creates the perfect looks for a trash Almodovar -who’s a declared fan and was yesterday extatic- or Water’s inspired film while at the same time, any lady would like to wear him for a provincial society wedding or a chic hangout with friends, without the clothes loosing any of the style that’s made Palomo a local phenomenon. That’s an achievement.

The presentation of Hotel Palomo was, thanks to the incredible attitude of the models and the clothes themselves, fabulous. It was an endless chain of old style and even kitsch glamour that felt ultra contemporary paying at the same time tribute to the traveling divas of the 60s and 70s. It was slow, rich and sensual, and every garment told a story of a character… I truly didn’t want it to end.



Mario Canal

Arts writer and art curator. Spaniard from Madrid with Parisian accent. Used to steal my sister's magazines but fashion is elsewhere now. It's something else. Trying to figure this out while putting new creative projects together.