Damir Doma ss18 – by Sophie Joy Wright

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Referenced as ‘pointillist dot corrosion prints’ in the show notes, the winding specks of colour were, for me, reminiscent of Australian Aboriginal dot paintings; both ancient and contemporary in their abstraction and completely refreshing in Damir Doma’s ss18 show. The crossover corset ties, talisman bronze jewellery and splotch dyed garments were likewise nodding to a long history though weren’t bogged down by it.

The lovely lavender and violet were an unexpected cooler note on a scorching day in Milan, which was made even more bearable in this clever choice of under-station location, also reminding us of the past in a way (Doma’s collection a few seasons ago that took place up above on the station platform). Within this context, I hesitated at first with the pieces from Doma’s collaboration with Lotto. When everyone seems to be doing high-low collabs at the moment, and Damir Doma’s work is so timeless, this move seemed unusually ‘now’. Nevertheless, I think it may have been to key to this collection’s calm balance of the designer’s interior and the exterior world, the ancient and contemporary.

Cover photo by Filipo Fior. All of Filippo’s show images can be seen here

Happy Tuesday,


Sophie Joy Wright