Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander the sunglasses that express and conceal

Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander
Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tomorrow the first pair of collaboration sunglasses by Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander will be launched. This limited edition sunglasses were created by ASVOFF favorites, artistic visionaries, Lernert & Sander and Ace & Tate . You know when you enjoy wearing sunglasses to conceal the fact that your eyes are rolling in your head? Well here you can both cover your facial expressions and create them in the frames made of 100% biodegradable black acetate with flat mirrored reflective lenses. Each style features one black pupil on each corner, so that one pair is looking to the left and the other to the right: voila, the Lernert and the Sander. #atlernertandsander.




Diane Pernet

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