Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Caution, the fall winter 2017 collection of Cunnington & Sanderson was presented in their showroom during Paris Fashion Week. As the title of the collection reveals, the designs and inspiration revolve around the emotion of being scared and protected.

The duo translated the inspiration from scarecrows and field sculptures in their sculptural draping and layering of the garments and fabrics. The lining and pattern placement were a reference to the horizontal and vertical lines of a scarecrow. Cunnington & Sanderson managed to create an extra dimension within their garments by placing draping and hidden volume inside their designs.

The designers worked with the idea of using a shopping bag handle as an inspiration for the pockets on the tops and jackets, which was nicely placed and executed. The caution theme came back not only in the silhouettes but also by using yellow as warning sign and paring the colour together with black and white. Cunnington & Sanderson make their creations with an element of emotion and managed to transfer the idea of caution into the execution of their collection.