María Ke Fisherman at MBMFW

    Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,
    I couldn’t make it to the María Ke Fisherman  show yesterday but I visited their backstagesaturday to get an idea of what the proposal for FW/17 is.
    I must admit I was surprised to see an almost forgotten aesthetic that can be described with terms that only spaniards may understand: “bakala”, “estética poligonera” or “tecno-choni” are some of them. Complicated.
    Bakala stuff comes from the hard techno music that in the 90’s Spain was associated with an underground culture of kids with a radical nihilistic approach to live -working shitty jobs to party all weekend-, filled with synthetic drugs, uncultured, sometimes violent and kind of primitive. Some of its style icons were the pit bull dog, the Spanish flag, the short doudoune  and the military inspired track suit.
    So, bringing back that aesthetic and culture to the catwalk is a certain tricky movement from Maria Ke Fisherman whose previous collection was also making reference to the universe of cars and marginal youth. If you see their precedent proposals you’ll find a sexy an cartoonesque approach to womenswear but this is certainly a collection that goes beyond inspiration to really revamp bakala codes in a literal way, although the main theme of the show was car racing.
    Mario Canal.


Mario Canal

Arts writer and art curator. Spaniard from Madrid with Parisian accent. Used to steal my sister's magazines but fashion is elsewhere now. It's something else. Trying to figure this out while putting new creative projects together.