Paris Fashion Week Wales Bonner Director Jeano Edwards

Filmed in Jamaica, Thinkin Home tracks the passage of eight young men as they move towards their destination, through lush scenery and the rich chromatics of the built environment. Against a soundscape of reggae, 80s dancehall, gospel and spoken word, we witness a communion. Thinkin Home introduces Essence, the Spring Summer 2021 Menswear and Womenswear Collections and was inspired by Rockers and iconic Jamaican filmmaking.

‘Where is the best place to watch the sunrise? Well, for me, it’s probably my home ‘cause I live on a hill and I love to wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise before the city becomes what it becomes.’ (Selah Mchale)

‘In the evening, always now, when yuh looking in nah di sky, well, it’s a mixture. Sometimes it can have the blue reflection just the same, sometimes it can be red, it can be orange sometimes. And at the same time, it just make yuh wonder and say, look all life on Earth is just so phenomenal, things just work out in such a way. So when yuh looking na di sky and see di different color or di different patterns, it really brings you back to realization that is a genuine star. This looks nice. So even if man go tru a bad day, looking at di sky and di sky just motivate him, yuh know.’ (Val Haughton)

‘The sounds I hear in di morning when I wake up is the sweet sound of the pigeons and doves flying across my house in the early mornings. The sounds I hear in the evening is the raging of the hard winds that is blowing all day, straight through the evening, the trees dancing all about. The sounds I hear in this city is the loud wrecking sound of the heavy duty vehicles and car that passes me 24/7 when I in the city.’ (Aakesh Henderson)

Made in Collaboration with Saint Models.

Credits Creative Direction Grace Wales Bonner

Director Jeano Edwards

Stylist Tom Guinness

All clothing Wales Bonner Essence Spring Summer 21 and Adidas Originals for Wales Bonner Spring Summer 21

Editor Ryan McCally at Consulate NYC Executive Producer IAMSOUND Producer Jack Pitney

Producer Maxine Walters

Post Producer Leslieann Elle Santiago

Production Manager Maxine Baillie

Edit Producer Alan Lopez at Consulate NYC

Assistant Editor Tripp McCarty at Consulate NYC

Cast Aakesh Henderson, Romaine Dixon, Selah Mchale, Val Haughton, Winston Lawrence and Jonny B at Saint International Jamaica Limited

Stylist Assistant Alix Khouri

Casting Deiwght Peters at Saint International Jamaica Limited Project

Direction Nick Murphy

Research Assistant Jessica Hamenyimana

Production Assistants Courtney Sutherland, Gifton Williams, Leroy

Locations Scout Jahsen Levy, Colin Smikle

Locations Managers Carey Dennis, Colin Smikle Locations PA Devon Orsmby

Grooming Cecile Burrowes

1st AD Philipa Burnett

1st AC Delroy Johnson

Grip David Hall

DOP Earl Brown

Sound Tech Donald McGregor

Colorist Gabriele Turchi at Consulate NYC

Camera Operator Christopher Browne DIT Wayne Jones

Craft Service Supervisor Robert Jackson

Transportation Manager Marlon McIntyre

Score and Soundscape James William Blades

Music Featuring Samples of Jah by Lee Scratch Perry, Cedric and Stephen Gibson

Score Musicians Jonathan Gibson on Cello, Oliver Mayo on Violin Poetry Nature by H.D. Carberry (published in 1921)

Special Thanks: To Guardsman Entertainment for use of the Fort Clarence Beach, Portmore, Jamaica

Diane Pernet

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