Peter Campus at Jeu de Paume with his video ergo sum exhibition – 14/05 – 28/05/2017


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I went to the Peter Campus opening tonight at Jeu de Paume with my friend Marco de Rivera and we had so much fun playing around with the interactive video. Peter Campus is one of the most important pioneers of video art. This exhibition is the first of its kind in France. He began making his closed-circuit video installations in 1971. If you are in Paris I highly recommend you visit his exhibition which is up until May 28th.

In 1978 he left his studio and devoted himself to photography, working outdoors with nature as his workshop. He returned to video in 1996 after an extended hiatus, the medium had become digital and the equipment much lighter. Different periods of his work are exposed in the multiple rooms. Go and immerse yourself in his work.



Diane Pernet

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