LISELORE FROWIJN presents #TheNewCluster in collaboration with VLISCO – Text by Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

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On Sunday 29th January 2017 at 9pm, Liselore Frowijn’s online store will launch her first ‘see now, buy now’ capsule collection: #TheNewCluster. This will comprise of a selection of wax-printed fabric garments shown after her pre-fall 2017 at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Frowijn’s pre-fall 2017 takes us on a trip through utopian cities – manifesting ideal hypothetical landscapes through the lens of Dutch artist Alfred Eikelenboom (1936-2014). These dynamic landscapes will be created in collaboration with NOMAN Studio who is responsible for the show’s set design. A mix of colours and shapes will be used to develop forceful cityscapes.

Awoken before sunrise, on an early morning last October during a work trip for VLISCO in Nigeria, the designer struggled during the night with how to tell her audience about the cultural magic she was experiencing. She wanted to express the chaotic camouflage of the streets of Lagos, where the vibrant textual world blends into a natural cacophony of chlorophyll green. This is the inspiration behind #TheNewCluster.

This bold collection will be immediately available through Frowijn’s ‘see now, buy now’ approach, where a small collection of garments can be purchased by customers right from the runway. In collaboration with VLISCO she has used twelve fabrics to produce ten looks (eight for women – two for men) with one mission – “immediate fashion”. ‘In bringing the factory to the runway, my team and I feel more responsible about our client. We have never felt so connected to the shifting needs and expectations of today’s consumer’ – LF

By shaking up the system and testing the marketplace, Frowijn is walking her own path – expressing her strong belief that fashion should always be moving, and never stagnant. ‘We are all seeing something desperately lacking in fashion, a re-focus on different cultures and approaches, with a dedicated attention to different places’. It was here that the ‘see now, buy now’ challenge was born: #TheNewCluster.




Follow @liselorefrowijn on Instagram for a continuous visual data stream on the ‘see now, buy now’ from today on, until you can click ‘buy’.

Amsterdam Fashion Week Show (Pre-fall 2017) January 29th 2017: 8pm

‘see now, buy now’ at January 29th 2017: 9pm

Paris Fashion Week Show (Fall 2017) February 28th 2017: 1pm


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